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The use value of your SKODA SUPERB car can be significantly increased with a foldable tow bar from the SKODA Genuine Accessories portfolio. It is made of high performance materials. It passed the load tests and demanding strength and resistance to corrosion tests. The tow bar complies with an E1 55R-01 2283 type approval as well as with all international regulations. No need to mount or remove tow arms! A simple automatic mechanism of this tow bar ensures folding of the tow device out to functional position and then back to the store position under the bumper. The retrofitting of towing hitches places increased demands on the vehicle's cooling system. For this reason, depending on the vehicle equipment, it is necessary to replace a part of the cooling system according to the information stored by the service technician at a SKODA workshop. For assembly, the following must be ordered from the SKODA Original Parts Catalog: Screw (4 pcs) / N 911 784 01 Control unit (1pc) / 5Q0 907 383D Plastic nut (2 pcs) / N 904 553 01 According to engine type (controlled by PR number): Door Lock Latch Cover for 3W3 (1 Pc) / 3V5 863 459A Door Lock Latch Cover for 3W6 (1 Pc) / 3V5 863 459D Self-adhesive foam damping (1 pc) / 321 201 299 LED module (1 pc) / 3V0 919 240 Control lever (1 pc) / 3V5 803 847 Clip with cable holder (1 pc) only for engine 2.0 TSI / 206 kW / 3V0 803 340
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