Tool Storage

Whether the environment is indoors or outdoors, choosing the right tool storage solution can be overwhelming. For instance a DIY user will need a different storage solution than professional automotive technicians. With this in mind where should you start?

The best starting point is to analyse your tools and what they're mostly used for. A carpenter for instance, will probably have a large collection of hand tools, which need to be carried around in a van, so a good starting place is a tool box, or tool bag and because they're portable they can be easily transported from job to job. But not all carpenters tools fit into a tool box, some like mitre saws. are to big, getting them from job to job isn't a problem in a van, but because of the size and cost, keeping them safe can be. With this in mind a storage box/contractor box can be bolted into a van or pick up, providing extra security and piece of mind.

At Draper Tools, we offer a wide range of space-creating storage solutions for workshops, garages, industrial sites, sheds and everywhere in between.