MINI Lifestyle & Gifts

Owning your MINI is more than just a purchase, it is a lifestyle statement.

  • The Perfect Gift
  • The MINI lifestyle collection is the perfect place to find a gift for a MINI enthusiast, guaranteed to make them smile. Here are some of our favourite gift ideas for MINI fans:

    • A jacket or t-shirt
    • Watches
    • Stationary such as pens & notebooks
    • MINI model cars & miniature scale models
    • Bottles, cups and mugs
    • Bags & Luggage such as laptop bags, handbags and suitcases
  • Why buy genuine MINI Lifestyle products?
  • Get the MINI quality you expect when you buy genuine products from the MINI lifestyle collection. You already selected your perfect car, so why compromise when extending your ownership experience off road.

    When buying a gift, choose genuine and give them something they'll really cherish.

  • About the MINI Lifestyle collection
  • Whether you're a passionate MINI fan or are looking to treat one you know, we've got the perfect collection. Chic attire. Legions of luggage. Not to mention a range of toys that mini MINI fans will go mad for.

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