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These snow chains are designed to run at an angle to the tyre treads for maximum safety and comfort when driving in wintry conditions. Their rectangular chain links made from stainless steel alloyed with manganese make them highly effective when pulling away and braking on snow and ice. The axles must have snow chains fitted on both wheels. It goes without saying that the chains are easy to fit, and that you do not have to move the vehicle to do so. The snow chains from the SKODA Original Accessories range have undergone rigorous homologation testing for mechanical durability and installation compatibility, achieving excellent results for all criteria. The chains can only be fitted to the tyres listed on the label on the front of the case. After the chains have been fitted, the vehicle must be driven 50 to 100 metres. Check that the chains are centred correctly, and tighten them if necessary. We recommend that you do not exceed 50km/h when the snow chains are fitted. Each time you use the snow chains, check that the chain links are not damaged. If any of the parts in the chains are damaged or broken, do not use the chains. Maintenance: Do not store in a damp place. Protect the rubber tensioning strap from the effects of chemicals (petrol, acid) and heat, and have it checked at regular intervals.
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