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  • What accessories are available for my Mitsubishi Outlander?
  • Add a personal touch to your Mitsubishi Outlander with our range of genuine Mitsubishi Accessories. Genuine Accessories are made specifically for your Mitsubishi, guaranteeing a first time fit.

    • Exterior styling accessories breathe a new life into your Outlander, allowing you to adapt your Mitsubishi to your unique style.
    • Interior Accessories give you the freedom to adapt your Mitsubishi Outlander to suit your lifestyle and needs.
    • Boot and Floor Mats protect the original lining of your Mitsubishi Outlander, keeping it in pristine condition - a must for your Mitsubishi.
  • About the Mitsubishi Outlander
  • The fantastic Mitsubishi Outlander has a beautifully crafted exterior, married with truly stunning features. Each model has been fitted with impressive 18 inch alloy or 16 inch steel wheels depending on specification which gives the vehicle a forceful presence on the roads. A trademark feature of the vehicle is the imposing front grille which makes the model instantly recognisable, even from a distance. The LED daytime running lights extend out on either side of the grille and stretch fiercely round the front end. Models are slickly furnished with Electric mirrors, Fog lighting, Automatic Light Sensors in correspondence with the headlamps and an impressive colour keyed Rear spoiler with silver Roof Rails.

    The interior has been crafted with a host of technical additions to make driving more enjoyable. The Keyless Operating System (GX3, GX4) provides easier access by allowing drivers to open and lock doors without taking the key out from their pocket. The Dual Zone Climate Control System intelligently offers the driver and passengers separate air conditioning controls, from each side of the vehicle. The resourceful Mitsubishi has an adaptive Cruise Control feature which provides a more relaxed driving experience during longer journeys by allowing drivers to remove their feet from the pedals. This feature is instantly cancelled when pressure is applied to the clutch or brake pedal.

    Mitsubishi regard safety as being a priority and have equipped this model with a host of impressive features to make sure all those on-board are incredibly safe. The ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) prevents the back wheels from locking up when braking harshly at high speeds or on slippery surfaces. Drivers can relax knowing that the Active Stability Control operates engine output and automatically applies the brakes to correct any unstable movements and by using similar functions the Traction Control System can prevent drivers from losing control of the car on slick surfaces. The Mitsubishi Outlander additionally features an advanced suspension which offers drivers impressive handling coupled with a comfortable ride. The vehicle has a Speed Limiter to ensure drivers don’t exceed the speed limits and an Emergency Stop Signal System, which reduces the chance of a rear end collision by automatically flashing hazard lights and applying the brakes. The Hill Start Assist aids drivers when they are trying to manoeuvre on steep gradients.

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