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Explore our range of genuine Jaguar Accessories, specifically designed for your F-Type.

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  • What accessories are available for my F-Type?
  • Add a personal touch to your F-Type with our range of genuine Jaguar Accessories. Genuine Accessories are made specifically for your Jaguar, guaranteeing a first time fit.

    • Exterior styling accessories breathe a new life into your F-Type, allowing you to adapt your Jaguar to your unique style.
    • Interior Accessories give you the freedom to adapt your F-Type to suit your lifestyle and needs.
    • Boot and Floor Mats protect the original lining of your F-Type, keeping it in pristine condition - a must for your Jaguar.
  • About the F-Type
  • The brand new Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe is a true Jaguar sports car, combining sleek exterior styling with sheer power and unrivalled performance. This agile sports car is the latest in the prestigious Jaguar bloodline and is claimed to be the most dynamically capable, performance focused car they have ever built. The F-TYPE Coupe has been engineered for the highest level of performance and immediate responsive handling, delivering an outstanding and uniquely connected driving experience.

    The driver-focused cabin interior displays a unique sporting style combined with innovative technologies. With cockpit architecture and easy to use controls, the interior has been designed with the driver in mind offering an experience that is both intuitive and instinctive. A wide variety of opulent colour combinations for both the body and cockpit are available as well as numerous interior textures, allowing the F-TYPE Coupe to be personalised to driver’s individual tastes.

    The F-TYPE Coupé also includes Quickshift automatic transmission which uses eight closely spaced gears to ensure that the car is kept in the most effective rev range, guaranteeing peak power and torque at every speed. For an even more breath-taking, lightning fast experience drivers can select the optional Dynamic Mode which alters the throttle response and gearshift programme adding even more adrenaline to the journey and further demonstrating the profound sporty characteristics of this new model. The centre mounted twin exhaust pipes further enhance the F-TYPE Coupés appearance.

  • How do I buy accessories for my F-Type online?
    • 1. Select your vehicle from our Make-Model-Year tool, which will save your car to your Saved Vehicles as your browse throughout the shop.
    • 2. As you click through our Accessory categories, our shop will identify which products fit your vehicle, giving you peace of mind.
    • 3. Provide your VIN/Registration before adding the item to your basket, so that our specialist parts teams can check compatibility before dispatching the item
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