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Lunettes Seetroen S19 - Limited Edition Citroen


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Lunettes Seetroen S19 - Limited edition Following the success of the Seetroen anti-travel sickness glasses, Citroen is launching a second model, S19, at the VivaTech show, held from 16 to 18 May. Seetroen S19 glasses feature the same principle behind the success of the first model launched last July, recreating the horizon line by means of a coloured liquid to resolve the conflict of the senses. Seetroen S19 is a limited series produced in 1,919 units, in honour of the brand's centenary year. How does it work ? - Put them on as soon as the first symptoms occur it can be worn over prescription glasses - Wear the glasses for 10 to 12 minutes so that your senses can resynchronise - Take the glasses off and enjoy your journey The consumption of anti-motion sickness drugs or any other psychoactive substance in parallel with the wearing of SEETROa‹N glasses systematically affects their effect. The glasses can re-synchronize the vision with the perceptions of the inner ear, the operation of which is disrupted by the action of these drugs.
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